The Association is currently in the process of creating self regulating guidelines with regards to protocols, machine specifications and any additional education required.

The Ozone Association is registered as a chapter of the Natural Healers Association which allows us to be recognized as an alternative modality under the traditional healer’s bill.

Our members are required to adhere to a code of conduct and mission statement.

We offer our members joint marketing opportunities, access to our panel of Doctors and Professors, expert advice and access to further study material.


Statement issued by Dr Nicolopulos – Chairperson of OASA

Please note that the Ozone Association of Southern Africa does not endorse the Ozone Tented units and Bath Mat’s as an effective treatment.  We strongly advise the public to please contact OASA before making any decisions on purchasing machines.  Claims made by certain companies selling the above units cannot be substantiated on a scientific basis and some statements are FALSE.